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Yuan Yihang's Statement  

My approach to art-making is through performance, video and social practice. I am working on language, culture, social relations and situations.  

 My practice is profoundly embedded in my experience of travelling between the East and West, observing, experimenting and actively being part of different cultures and societies. I aim to involve my audience through participation using conviviality as the basis to interact. This has been the foundation based on my cultural identity. 

My political practice influenced by Francis Alys, who blurs the complexity of politics through his creation of visual poetry and Thomas Hirschhorn, who creates Art which directly engages with social reality; I am influenced by the theories of Daoism, from this I look to interpret my philosophy to form the foundation of the language I use to explore art.

I use art as a tool to question the socio-political dynamics of our time. Cultural and ethnic identity and the position of individuals being part of a group dynamic are key. My main methods of exploring this have been through the use of everyday objects as tools to reflect reality. I am interested in the dynamics of the layers of culture, meanings and interpretation from viewers that enriching the meaning of the work.

Participation and co-authorship are open to interpretation though ‘happenings’ and are both gallery-based and spontaneous, such as street performance and my latest usage of social media for an online live exhibition of my quick creation

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