Studies on Rolling Eggs 滚蛋的研究

Studies on Rolling Eggs is an ongoing project that takes the imagery of the 'rolling egg' as a thread to explore the relationship between the individual and today's socio-political situations. The project was inspired by the imagery of the "egg" in  Cui Jian's music, which is used as a metaphor for who is fragile, and precious, but still moving forward. in the project, the artist played with "rolling eggs" in various situations to enrich the spirit and interpretation it contains, and also provides the viewer with multiple
angles to read it.

The series started with Studies on Rolling Eggs No. 1, a two-minute performance that took place in Beijing. The artist rolled an egg by hand on Chang'an Avenue, where China's political center is until it cracks and completely destroyed. The cleaning was helped by a stranger (suspected to be a security guard in the area)
The project also consists of the performance Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2 which was made and filmed in London, and the installation Untitled No.1 so far. 

Studies on Rolling Eggs No.1 滚蛋的研究一号


Studies on Rolling Eggs No.1


Digital print

Variable dimensions


This contact sheet demonstrates the performance I did on my first visit to Beijing, 2018. It is also the starting point of the whole project. Based on my first impression on the city and its political and historical context, I decided to roll an egg down Chang'an Avenue in central Beijing, trying to make a connection, or perhaps trigger some reactions. The performance only lasted for 3 minutes before it made a mess on the floor. In the end, a person (suspected to be plain-cloth security) cleaned the floor with us without any conversation. 


The work is usually exhibited in the print of a bilingually noted contact sheet for a more personal narrative.

Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2 滚蛋的研究二号

Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2. 



13 min


Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2



37 min


Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2 is a performance in London, based on the impression of the city and conditions of individuals. I used a  purpose-built tool to roll a dozen eggs one by one from Convert Garden to St Jame's Park 40 minutes after I set off. This video is a documentary film of it together with people's reactions and London's cityscape.


The work was strongly influenced by the performance Sometimes Making Something Leeds to Nothing by Francis Alys. The performance is developed based on my impression, thoughts and questions about Western social conditions, especially individualism, and addresses it in London, one of the most significant Western centres.  A less body-engaged, "cruel", mechanical method of rolling eggs was practised with the work in Beijing. 

Video 2 was recorded right above the eggs during the performance, showing the details of them rolling. 

Untitled No.1 无题一号



Paper, ink, egg

1.3×7 meters